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Our Upcoming Training Batch for AUGUST 2024

FW-mastery 5 in 1 -
11-May-2024 @ 8:30 AM IST ONWARDS - Weekend Batch
ccnp security SCOR SVPN ISE
18-MAY-2024 @ 7:30PM ONWARDS - Weekend Batch

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Classroom Batches

Classroom batches are organized groups of students who attend scheduled educational classes in a physical classroom setting. This arrangement enables effective management, personalized learning, and structured curriculum delivery.

Online Batches

Online training batches are virtual groups of learners who participate in courses or programs through online platforms. These batches allow individuals to access training materials, interact with instructors, and collaborate with fellow learners remotely.

Corporate Training

Corporate training refers to a structured learning program designed for employees of a Company. It aims to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise in specific areas relevant to their roles. Corporate training often includes workshops, seminars, and online courses.

Rack Rental

Rack Rental is a service that provides remote access to networking equipment for training and certification purposes. It enables network professionals to work on real equipment and scenarios with multi-vendor nodes, all without the need for physical equipment or infrastructure.

1:1 Training + Lab Access

1:1 training with lab access is a personalized learning program where an instructor provides one-on-one tutoring to an individual student or a small group of learners. The program also includes access to real-world labs and equipment to bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge.

Self Paced + Lab Access

Self-paced learning with lab access is a flexible and independent learning method that allows individuals to learn at their own pace. It provides access to virtual or hands-on labs where learners can practice their skills, experiment with different scenarios, and apply theoretical concepts in a practical environment.

Job Guaranteed Program

A Job Guaranteed Program is a comprehensive training program that not only provides learners with access to practical labs but also guarantees employment opportunities upon successful completion. It combines hands-on training with industry-relevant skills and knowledge to ensure learners are job-ready. The lab access component allows learners to gain practical experience and develop the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen field.

All Access Pass + Lab Access

An All Access Pass with lab access is a subscription-based service that provides learners with unlimited access to a vast library of courses, resources, and labs. The lab access component empowers learners to apply their theoretical knowledge practically, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Trending Courses


Python is widely used to perform network automation. With its wide set of libraries (such as Netmiko and Paramiko), there are endless possibilities for network device interactions for different vendors.

Firewall Mastery 5-in-1 (Combo)

It’s a complete solution for Network Security. This combo package covers all 5 top technologies of Network Security : Palo alto + F5 LTM + Checkpoint + Fortigate + Cisco ASA FTD


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to networking that uses software-based controllers or application programming interfaces (APIs) to communicate with underlying hardware infrastructure and direct traffic on a network.


CCIE candidates must first pass a written exam and then the corresponding hands-on lab exam. Though there are no formal requirements to take a CCIE certification exam, an in-depth understanding of the topics covered by the exams and three to five years of job experience are expected before attempting certification.

Why Choose Network Journey?


NetworkJourney imparts best IT Networking & Security courses all over the world at affordable course fees while inculcating a training practice (i.e., 24×7 lab access, lifetime web portal access), which guarantees Students to learn strategies & develop a strong knowledge to achieve 100% target deliverable for Enteprise, Security, Datacenter, Automation, Cloud, Service provider, MPLS.

Latest 2023 Syllabus

Updated IT Networking, Security, Datacenter, Cloud, Automation syllabus focused on Industry requirements

Real-Time Live Practicals

Hands-on Practical experience on every topics demonstrated inside class with access to our Lab racks

Trainer's Experience

11+ Years of IT Industry Experience. Worked as Solution architect, Network Tier III, Escalation Engineer, TAC Engineer for MNCs

Student Success

Get certified and build string career ahead. We provide all support and materials to happen up in students professional career..

Flexible Monthly Payment

We also provide monthly flexible payment methods. You can pay in 2 monthly split or 3. Please contact us for more breakup details.

Lifetime Webportal

Lifetime access to Self-paced recordings. All class recordings, class notes, lab workbook are kept inside Webportal only

LAB Server Access

24x7 Remote Access. We also assist on Offline Home Lab building straight on your laptop. We provide GNS, EVENG and PNET

Talk to Trainers

Student interacts to Trainer directly on his Whatsapp where in World which institute allows this to clear your Realtime doubt.

“What you were taught 10-20 years ago is fast becoming obsolete. Upskill yourself and recreate your world”

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About the Trainer

Hi all, Good to see you here. I’m your Trainer for CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, DEVNET, Firewall batches!!! I’ve 10+ years of Networking experience and working as Senior Network Security Tier III Engineer. I’m also Content Creator for our Youtube channel – “Network Journey”. My expertise includes:
  • Enterprise
  • R&S
  • Datacenter
  • Security
  • Network Automation Python and Ansible
Thanks for being part of – “Network Journey – A journey towards packet-life!!!”


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