Benefits of SD-WAN & SD-Access?

Many old school engineers did not even hear about SD-Access or SD-WAN. In fact, those technologies are the biggest changes in networking in the last 20 years.

They solve many problems that have long been associated with traditional routing and switching. At CCNA we always want to be on top of any development in the network space.

In this article, we are trying to explain both general and low-level concepts around SD-Access, SD-WAN, and more.

On the other hand, migrating your existing WAN from SD-WAN or LAN to SD-Access requires a completely different skill-set. You need to be able to understand both legacy and new perspectives.

The journey will be well worth it but can be technically demanding at first. We expect engineers from around the world to incite more questions that can help us improve the content here.

Features of SD-WAN & SD-Access

By optimizing cloud and on-premises application performance it can increase productivity with analytics, visibility, and control in real-timeBuilt on the principles of intent-based networking, SD-Access helps organizations enable policy-based automation from edge to cloud.
The best threats protect users, devices, and applications by deploying embedded or cloud security rapidly with intelligence.SD-Access gives network architects the tools to orchestrate key business functions such as onboarding, secure segmentation, IoT integration, and guest access.
Centralized cloud management to make it easier to deploy SD-WAN and security while maintaining policy across thousands of sites.SD-Access automates user and device policy for any application through any network fabric over a wireless and wired network.
Maintain flexibility with the cloud-first architecture to connect any user to any application, on any cloud.And SD-Access is a transformational change. This allows IT to set up network access for any user, device or application in minutes without compromising security.

Benefits of SD-WAN & SD-Access

SD-WAN essentially decoy the traffic management, monitoring, and management plane from the hardware. You do not have to deploy some software or hardware components to each of your remote sitesEnd-to-end segmentation. Help protect your organization and achieve regulatory compliance with the end-to-end segment. Without redesigning you can separate the user’s device and application
SD-WAN, especially cloud-enabled solutions, may suit your organization’s specific IT infrastructure needs. Bandwidth can be increased or decreased depending on demand – ensuring that mission.Better workforce experience. Automatic User Access Policy. Implement the right policies for users or devices throughout the network.
Another major selling point of SD-WAN service is network performance and agility. You can now funnel your traffic automatically with SD-WAN through the fastest and most trustful connection.Operational effectiveness. With a single network fabric, facilitate a consistent user experience anywhere, without compromise.
Companies advancing WAN traffic through MPLS focus their security policies on a centralized, corporate data center.Business Insight. Expand your business beyond traditional networks.
Applications are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. The needs of these next-gen applications can only be met with the flexibility and speed provided by SD-WAN use of hybrid networks.SD-Access creates a standards-based network fabric that converts a high-level business policy into a network configuration. One of the major use cases for this is segmentation with an identity-based policy based on the identity of users, devices and things.
Enterprise WAN networks are now open to a growing number of users who are accessing it from multiple points of view and from multiple devices.Security has become a weak point In such a scenario for WAN networks.Our award-winning SDN controller for SD-access end-to-end automation uses the new DNA-center built on top of APIC-EM. This would have led to the transition to a comparable analog GUI interface that Windows 3.0 started in the early 90s from the initial CLI-only MS-DOS interface.
One of the main advantages of SD-WAN is its use and simplicity; It can provide extremely reliable connectivity to remote locations, which can be deployed and easily managed within a few minutes.Combined with our new network data platform (NDP), SD-Access satisfies the original business intent and takes corrective action when conflicts arise.

The conclusion

Regardless of the size of the company, the SD-WAN solution is certainly a worthy investment. By enabling policy-based automation from edge to cloud, SD-Access provides next-generation capabilities.