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1. Which of the following devices can be used to interconnect broadcast domains? (Choose 2.)


2. Of the following protocols, select the ones that are UDP-based. (Choose 2)


3. Which of the following are security best practices when setting up a Cisco router? (Choose all the apply.)


4. A customer is using a Class C network of subnetted with a 28-bit subnet mask. How many subnets can be created by using this subnet mask?


5. A host in your network has been assigned an IP address of /25. What is the subnet to which the host belongs?


6. A router resides at what layer of the TCP/IP Model?


7. Which of the following technologies allows VPN tunnels to be setup and torn down on an as-needed basis?


8. CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) resides at which layer of the OSI Model?


9. You’re viewing the running configuration on a Cisco router and notice the enable secret command. The command begins with enable secret, followed by the number 9, followed by a hash digest. What does the 9 indicate?


10. The PING utility uses which of the following protocols to check for network connectivity to an IP address?


11. You wish to Telnet into a Layer 2 Cisco Catalyst switch. Which of the following must be configured on the switch before you can Telnet into the switch?


12. Typically, HTTP uses what Transport Layer protocol and what port number?


13. On an IEEE 802.1Q trunk, what do we call the VLAN that is not tagged by 802.1Q?


14. Which of the follow are dynamic routing protocols? (Choose 2.)


15. You are assigning IP addresses to hosts in the /26 subnet. Which two of the following IP addresses are assignable IP addresses that reside in that subnet?


16. A PC requires which of the following configuration parameters in order to Telnet to a host on a remote subnet? (Choose 3.)


17. A PC has just booted up and wants to communicate with a host on a remote subnet. The PC knows the IP addresses of its default gateway and the remote host. However, in order to properly construct a frame, the PC needs an appropriate destination MAC address. What MAC address does the PC need to learn, and what protocol will the PC use to learn that MAC address?


18. Which of the following is not a Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) port state?


19. ARP can perform which of the following functions?


20. You are working with a Class B network with the private IP address of /16. You need to maximize the number of broadcast domains, where each
broadcast domain can accommodate 1000 hosts. What subnet mask should you use?


21. What is the directed broadcast address of a subnet containing an IP address of /19?


22. BPDUGuard should be only be configured on ports that have which feature enabled?


23. Which of the following is not a Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) port state?


24. Which of the following is considered to be a reliable Transport Layer protocol


25. Identify the three layers of Cisco’s traditional hierarchical network design model. (Choose 3.)


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