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1. A 401 HTTP response code is returned when calling a REST API. What is the error state identified by this response code?


2. Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose Two)


3. In which situation would an edge computing solution be used?


4. A REST API service requires authentication based on the username and password. The user “john” has the password “384279060” and the Base64 encoding of those credentials is
“am9objowMTIzNDU2Nzg=”. Which method completes an authentication request?


5. Which device is used to transport traffic from one broadcast domain to another broadcast domain?


6. A small company has 5 servers and 50 clients. What are two reasons an engineer should spilt this network into separate client and server subnets? (Choose two)


7. Which service provides a directory lookup for IP addresses and host names?


8. Which platform is run directly using a hypervisor?


9. A developer needs to prepare the file in the working tree for the next commit operation using Git. Which command needs to be used to accomplish this?


10. What is used in Layer 2 switches to direct packet transmission to the intended recipient?


11. Which response status code is used by a RESTful interface to indicate successful execution of a request?


12. How does requesting a synchronous API operation differ from requesting an asynchronous API operation?


13. What is a function of the default gateway in a network?


14. Which HTTP status Code means that the server cannot or will not process the request because of perceived client error?


15. What operation is performed with YANG model-driven programmability in NX-OS?


16. A Company is looking for cloud deployment which will use the on-premise infrastructure, is user selfservice, and easy to scale. Which cloud solution should be selected for these requirements?


17. Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose Two)


18. What are the two principles of an infrastructure as code environment? (Choose two)


19. What is the purpose of a firewall in application deployment?


20. Which two protocols are used to apply a configuration change on a Cisco IOS XE device? (Choose two)


21. What are the two purposes for using a VLAN in a network? (Choose two)


22. Users cannot access a webserver and after the traffic is captured, the capture too* shows an ICMP packet that reports “communication administratively prohibited” What Is the cause of this webserver
access Issue?


23. Users cannot access a webserver and after the traffic is captured. the capture tool shows an ICMP packet that reports “time exceeded in-transit”. What is the cause of this webserver access issue?


24. The project is migrated to a new codebase, the “old_project” directory must be deleted. The directory has multiple read-only files, and it must be deleted recursively without prompting for confirmation.
Which bash command must be used?


25. Which network device monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of rules?


26. What is a tenet of test-driven development?


27. Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose Two)


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