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1. How do xml and json compare regarding functionality


2. How to configure FQDN in the router/switch:


3. Which tool is agentless?


4. What APIs does the Cisco Meraki platform provide to developers? (Choose two.)


5. Which two capabilities does TAXII support? (Choose two.)


6. Question about the typical use of webhook (choose two)


7. What is the main purpose of a code review?


8. Which of the following is a sample use case of a southbound API?


9. Which Cisco platform provides organization-wide automation, security, policy enforcement, any agility across wired and wireless networks?


10. Benefit of organizing code into modules


11. Which protocol use port 22?


12. Your API request failed, where you will check for solution?


13. Restconf default data encoding method


14. How does a synchronous API request differ from an asynchronous API request?


15. Webhooks are like which of the following? (Choose two.)


16. What have to be opened of firewall in order for NTP to work?


17. Load Balancer what is true:


18. What creates a container to run?


19. Remote-procedure calls (RPCs) behave similarly to which of the following?


20. Green Bar Patterns for Test-Driven Development (choose two)


21. Restconf default data encoding method


22. What is a benefit of a model-driven approach for infrastructure automation?


23. What tool is used for python testing?


24. What communication medium uses port 22 by default, when communicating to the XXXX options :


25. Which two capabilities does TAXII support? (Choose two.)


26. Which response code indicates that a resource has moved?


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