CCNP Enterprise Mock-up Test – 3 (Free) (27 questions)

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1. Which of the following features allows a Cisco Catalyst switch to create a copy of frames appearing on a switch port or in a VLAN, and send those copied frames out of a designated port?


2. What type of Cisco Catalyst Switch port configuration allows a port to be an access port that supports two VLANs, if and only if one of the two VLANs is designated as a voice VLAN?


3. Your new employee tells you that they are unable to log into router R1 via Telnet. You examine the router’s configuration and find the following configuration:

. . . OUTPUT OMITTED . . .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      line vty 0 4                                                                                                                                                                          exec-timeout 0 0                                                                                                                                                                        logging synchronous                                                                                                                                                                    login                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          . . . OUTPUT OMITTED . . .

Why is your new employee unable to log into router R1 via Telnet?


4. What technology allows an enterprise to more easily change their cloud provider (e.g. change from Microsoft to AWS)?


5. Which of the following are configurable versions of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) within Cisco IOS? (Choose 3.)


6. Which of the following is considered to be an unreliable Transport Layer protocol?


7. What Cisco technology allows you to interconnect multiple physical switches into a single logical switch?


8. A Unique Local IPv6 Address, which cannot be routed over the public Internet, begins with what hexadecimal prefix?


9. IPv6 unique local addresses are similar to IPv4 private IP addresses, because they cannot be routed over the public Internet. A unique local IPv6 address begins with which of the following patterns?


10. In an attempt to recover a lost password on a Cisco router, you issue a Break during the router’s boot sequence. This takes you to the ROM Monitor prompt. From there, you want to set the configuration register such that the router’s startup configuration will be ignored the next time it boots. To which of the following values should you set the configuration register?


11. A Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller – Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) uses Northbound APIs to connect to what?


12. What network architecture layers are combined in a collapsed core design?


13. A customer is using a Class C network of subnetted with a 28-bit subnet mask. How many assignable addresses are available in each of the subnets?


14. If Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) operation fails in a network with redundant links, what symptoms could result? (Choose 3.)



15. You issue the ping command from a router, and the response displayed on the router is:


What does this response indicate?


16. You wish to remotely connect to a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. Which of the following parameters must be configured on the switch? (Choose 2.)


17. Which of the following protocols allow you to view Layer 2 adjacent network devices from a Cisco router or Cisco Catalyst switch command prompt? (Choose 2.)


18. How can an IPv6 address of 2200:5678:0001:0000:0000:000A:0000:0001 can be abbreviated?


19. What type of queuing adds a priority queue to CB-WFQ?


20. Which of the following are features of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)? [Choose 4.]


21. You are examining a router’s running configuration and notice that the password for the VTY lines is in clear text:


line vty 0 4

exec-timeout 0 0

password cisco

logging synchronous



You want the VTY line password to be encrypted in the running configuration, as follows:

line vty 0 4

exec-timeout 0 0

password 7 02050D480809

logging synchronous


What command should you enter to encrypt the VTY line password?



22. Consider the following port security configuration:


Switch(config)# int gig 1/0/1

Switch(config-if)# switchport mode access

Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security

Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 3

Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky

Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security violation restrict


What does the restrict option in the bottom command do?


23. Which type of DNS record is used to map a hostname to an IPv6 address?


24. An IP address of /27 belongs to which of the following subnets?


25. You are working for a company that will be using the /24 private IP address space for IP addressing inside their organization.

They have multiple geographical locations and want to carve up the /24 address space into subnets. Their largest subnet will need 13 hosts.

What subnet mask should you use to accommodate at least 13 hosts per subnet, while maximizing the number of subnets that can be created?


26. What is the subnet address of the IP address with a subnet mask of


27. Given a subnet of /21, identify which of the following IP addresses belong to this subnet. (Select 2.


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