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1. Which statement about VXLAN is true?



2. Which statement about Cisco EAP-FAST is true?


3. What do Cisco DNA southbound APIs provide?


4. Which DNS lookup does an access point perform when attempting CAPWAP discovery?


5. Which TCP setting is tuned to minimize the risk of fragmentation on a GRE/IP tunnel?


6. Which statement about an RSPAN session configuration is true?



An engineer must modify the access control list EGRESS to allow all IP traffic from subnet to The access control list is applied in the outbound direction on router interface GigabitEthernet 0/1.

Which configuration commands can the engineer use to allow this traffic without disrupting existing traffic flows?


8. What is the role of a fusion router in an SDAccess solution?



A port channel is configured between SW2 and SW3. SW2 is not running a Cisco operating system. When all physical connections are made, the port channel does not establish.

Based on the configuration except of SW3, what is the cause of the problem?


10. What does this EEM appletevent accomplish? “event snmp oid gettype next entry-op gt entry-val 75 poll-interval 5”


11. Which method displays text directly into the active console with a synchronous EEM applet policy?

A. event manager applet boom event syslog pattern ‘UP’ action 1.0 syslog priority direct msg ‘logging directly to console’


12. Which two GRE features are configured to prevent fragmentation? (Choose two.)


13. Which action is the vSmart controller responsible for in an SDWAN deployment?


14. Which description of an SD-access wireless network infrastructure deployment is true?


15. Which feature is supported by EIGRP but is not supported by OSPF?


16. What is the correct EBGP path attribute list, ordered from most preferred to least preferred, that the BGP best-path algorithm uses?


17. At which layer does Cisco DNA Center support
REST controls?


18. On which protocol or technology is the fabric data plane based in Cisco SD-Access fabric?


19. What is the difference between the enable password and the enable secret password when service password encryption is enabled on an IOS device?


20. Which access control list allows only TCP traffic with a destination port range of 22-443,
excluding port 80?


21. Which statement describes the IP and MAC allocation requirements for virtual machines on Type 1 hypervisors?


22. A local router shows an EBGP neighbor in the Active state.

Which statement is true about the local router?


23. Which feature must be configured to allow packet capture over Layer 3 infrastructure?


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